Easily Test Indoor Air for Toxins

DustTox™ is a simple and reliable kit that measures asbestos, microplastics, formaldehyde, mold, VOC, heavy metals, corrosive chemicals and radioactivity in indoor air.

Simply collect a surface dust sample, send it to our lab, and receive a detailed report that indicates whether your air contains toxic pollutants:

We offer DustTox™ sampling kits FREE worldwide! You only pay shipping.

Kit Contents: 1 surface dust sampler, instructions (EN, DE, FR, IT), international post paid sampler return mailer for returning the sampler for laboratory processing.

International Shipping: 3 Free DustTox™ kits including international shipping with UPS Express - US$50

Domestic Swiss Shipping: 3 Free DustTox™ kits including A-Post shipping within Switzerland - US$14.95

The cost of the laboratory report is US$99.95 (invoiced after we receive your dust sample).

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The comprehensive DustTox™ laboratory report shows easy to understand PASS/FAIL* test results for the following toxins:

  • Microfibers including asbestos, glass and metal fibers.

  • Microplastics which often contain toxins including PFAS and bisphenol A.

  • Formaldehyde from building materials and furnishings.

  • VOC gases from mycotoxins (toxins produced by mold), paints, adhesives, solvents, cleaning agents and fuels.

  • Heavy Metals including cadmium, cobalt, copper, iron, lead, mercury, nickel & zinc.

  • Corrosive Chemicals containing chlorides, nitrates and sulfates.

  • Radioactivity (alpha, beta & gamma) including radon byproducts.

* Since there is no safe level for toxins, DustTox™ compares your test result to the levels normally measured. Results that are higher than average are flagged as FAIL and results that are average or lower than average are marked as PASS.

Optional Lab Tests

If you would like to order one or more of the following optional tests please indicate which test(s) on the back of the return mailer when sending your sample. Optional tests cost US$49.95 each (invoiced after we receive your dust sample):

  • Particle Size Analysis: Particle size distribution (histogram).

  • Fiber Shape Analysis: Fiber shape distribution (histogram).

  • Chlorides: total chlorides (μg/cm2)

  • Viable Microbes: OD600 colony forming units (CFU).

  • Viable and Non-Viable Microbes: ATP test (RLU).

  • Odor Profile: Raw sensor output from the Cyranose 320 electronic nose (32 gas sensors). Click here for more information about this instrument.

  • Total Odor Strength: Nasal Ranger® “Dilution-to-Threshold” (D/T). Click here for more information about this instrument.

  • Conductivity: In megohms (MΩ).

Surface dust shows what is in the air. Within the indoor ecosystem dust is constantly settling before becoming airborne again. Surface dust testing is the gold standard for assessing cumulative exposure to toxins.

Indoor dust cycle

3 Simple Steps:

Collect surface dust using the patented dust sampler. This only takes a few minutes.
Send the sampler to our lab using the postage paid return mailer.
When your sampler arrives at our laboratory we will email you an invoice for lab processing which you can pay online. After payment we will email your test report.